KIELER Meeting 2009-07-03

  • moderator: haf
  • reader: cmot
  • author: schm
  • participants: rvh, msp, ctr, nbe, oba

Discussion Summary

  • Q: What is the difference between StateKind and StateFlag?
  • A: Some attributes are mutually exclusive, like Pseudo and Normal while some can be set at the same time, like Normal and Textual. That is why we separated those, which can be true at the same time and gathered those, which are mutually exclusive, in one enumeration.
  • Q: Where do I specify that a state can be textual?
  • A: In StateKind.
  • Q: In some cases, a state can be initial and final but our meta-model does not allow this (see StateFlag). Does it make sense to change the meta-model so that it allows this?
  • A: Yes. Remove StateFlag by adding the attributes isInitial and isFinal to a state --> Ticket #188
  • Q: Can textual states contain text at the moment?
  • A: No. We need an interface for the host language --> Ticket #190
  • Q: Why are boolean attributes named differently throughout the model (sometimes they are called "isSomething" like isInitial, sometimes only "Something like immediate)?
  • A: Indeed! Edit them so that all booleans are named uniformly. --> Ticket #189
  • Q: The naming of some enumerations is irritating, we sometimes have ...Kind but sometimes ...Type. Is there a reason for that?
  • A: No. So rename all, that are ending with ...Kind, to ...Type. Also rename CombineType to CombineOperator --> Ticket #191
  • Q: Is it possible and wished to remove Operator?
  • A: Let us think about it! --> Ticket #192
  • Q: Will the triggers and effects re-parsed after the attributes have changed?
  • A: No. At the moment they will be re-parsed after the user re-enters them and hits ENTER. --> Ticket #193
  • Q: Does the meta-model allow us to reflect the order of emissions and assignments as it is given by the user?
  • A: No. The emissions and assignments are saved in separate lists at the moment. --> Ticket #194
  • Q: Can we change our meta-model name to "StateCharts MetaModel"?
  • A: No, we don't cover everything which is a State Chart, e.g. UML State Charts.


  • As a concept, everything which is semantically important, should also be graphically editable and parseable, e.g. delays.
  • Changes in the XMI file should be traced back by the editor.
  • The aggregation between Signal and ValuedObject is redundant. Remove it --> done

  • After having changed the meta-model according to the tickets above, please update its picture --> Ticket #195


Assumed that all tickets above are processed :)

  • Uniform naming of enumerations and attributes, booleans etc.
  • States can be initial and final now.
  • New interface for host languages to allow states containing text.
  • New superclass Effects with Emissions, Assignments and HostCode to allow saving all in one effects list.