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KIPRAG › PLUGINS › #147 6 years ago
added SCCharts models folder with SCCharts and ESO-Files
450 passed
KISEMA › PLUGINS › #75 6 years ago
add new plugins e.g. eso.coreeso, eso.vhdl, vhdl.test
Merge branch 'master' into gjo/master
changed ESO2CoreEso Transformation: every signal (pure and valued) is transformed to a valued signal eg. A => A(true) and B(5) => B(true) B_valued(5), also changed eso2vhdl according to new CoreESO
Merge branch 'gjo/master' of ssh://git.rtsys.informatik.uni-kiel.de:7999/kieler/semantics
changed eso2coreeso transformation, now all signals in eso will be represented as extraInfos (kvpair) in coreEso
changes on (core)Eso2Vhdl: in coreEso only variables exists and now in eso to vhdl transformation the scl model is used to identify inputs and outputs. Here the first running implementation, has to be optimized
change ESO2CoreESO transformation, now the standard eso grammer can be used to generate CoreEso files with core.eso extension
Testless build
KISEMA › PLUGINS › #22 6 years ago
edit selection to interface of doTransformation
dependencies reduced
Testless build
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Build Completed Code commits Tests