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Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> f2c73a1398524b99b286d98e9b6a61059746e4cc f2c73a1398524b99b286d98e9b6a61059746e4cc export: added a missing call to make elkt identifiers valid
Nis Wechselberg <> Nis Wechselberg <> 5d5793ffd22f38df4234e6bf3e0b2fcc46765e46 5d5793ffd22f38df4234e6bf3e0b2fcc46765e46 klighd.piccolo: Fixed transparency handling
There was a small issue in the handling of transparent pixels in KImage
export. Now it is gone ...

Signed-off-by: Nis Wechselberg <>
Nis Boerge Wechselberg <> Nis Boerge Wechselberg <> f05bc23b1b73686ff174b17318561317f072daf1 f05bc23b1b73686ff174b17318561317f072daf1 Merge pull request #66 in KIELER/pragmatics from nbw/KIPRA-1914-Deadlock to master
* commit 'ae80ee0d8ffa8fce0acb5674106389ac8f7e9430':
  klighd.piccolo: Removed deadlock-causing request to timer
Nis Wechselberg <> Nis Wechselberg <> ae80ee0d8ffa8fce0acb5674106389ac8f7e9430 ae80ee0d8ffa8fce0acb5674106389ac8f7e9430 klighd.piccolo: Removed deadlock-causing request to timer
There is a deadlock between SWTTimerQueue and Display, as written in the
comment. Also some calls to adjustOutlineRect() have been removed when
called directly after adjustCamera() because adjustCamera() calls
adjustOutlineRect() by itself.

Signed-off-by: Nis Wechselberg <>