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Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> 986450e1367a566e5967ad967643eea991d64ded 986450e1367a566e5967ad967643eea991d64ded build.klay.libraries: migrated most parts to elk
Nis Wechselberg <> Nis Wechselberg <> b1d6d402a1309d11aec853a0c3e818a55c08d722 b1d6d402a1309d11aec853a0c3e818a55c08d722 Metadata: Updated generated code from elkm files.
The current version of elkm doesn't generate simple types in the
registration codes anymore. Instead it writes the boxed types now.

Signed-off-by: Nis Wechselberg <>
Nis Wechselberg <> Nis Wechselberg <> 6f0bb45eed1cae60a34db96f0ca8e369aaa170a5 6f0bb45eed1cae60a34db96f0ca8e369aaa170a5 klighd.configStore: Cleaning some remainders from ELK migration.
Just removed some debugging relics and commented code from
KlighdLayoutConfigurationStore which was left over from previous
iterations of the ELK migration.

Signed-off-by: Nis Wechselberg <>
Nis Wechselberg <> Nis Wechselberg <> 43a6468fe16f3e61c7ec0bf100be41b0e91a483c 43a6468fe16f3e61c7ec0bf100be41b0e91a483c klighd.piccolo: Handle cross-hierarchy edges on collapse.
When collapsing a node, cross hierarchy edges are potentially left
visible. This is now prevented by removing all descendants from the
drawing instead of only children.

Signed-off-by: Nis Wechselberg <>
Nis Wechselberg <> Nis Wechselberg <> 192f7bbf5077f473077c1a22717c626f9bbc495a 192f7bbf5077f473077c1a22717c626f9bbc495a klighd.piccolo: Reactivated improved hide/show behavior.
The hide/show methods now utilize the piccolo hidden attribute instead
of removing the PNodes entirely. This prevents change of node order when
drawing overlapping nodes.

Signed-off-by: Nis Wechselberg <>

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