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0ef77054cb9cf2f98596d7555d988d887f1c93e7 0ef77054cb9cf2f98596d7555d988d887f1c93e7
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Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> 0ef77054cb9cf2f98596d7555d988d887f1c93e7 0ef77054cb9cf2f98596d7555d988d887f1c93e7 gwt-export: initial version of a linker that should work for webworkers as well as node js
Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> 877f9171e4dc411eeefb191d1b2efe6887b8b755 877f9171e4dc411eeefb191d1b2efe6887b8b755 Merge branch 'master' into gwt-export
Christian Schneider Christian Schneider 9d2cfc4e3ff52f5d38179f75240aa564d6204812 9d2cfc4e3ff52f5d38179f75240aa564d6204812 klighd.ui (printing): contributed configuration handles 'center horizontally' & 'center vertically' in print dialog as well as required implementations
Christian Schneider Christian Schneider 1be9142f3ae966e2bdd3e6d7a590fc1aaa30ce64 1be9142f3ae966e2bdd3e6d7a590fc1aaa30ce64 klighd.piccolo: removed out-dated 'PrintAction' class and 'renderOffscreen' method from 'PiccoloViewer'
Christian Schneider Christian Schneider d0dbf8a42797db698218b90057478056f676cd77 d0dbf8a42797db698218b90057478056f676cd77 klighd.ui (printing): further code cleanup

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