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6d67c538c7a85aab9c84f7e31a925738d6b5ed2e 6d67c538c7a85aab9c84f7e31a925738d6b5ed2e
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Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> 6d67c538c7a85aab9c84f7e31a925738d6b5ed2e 6d67c538c7a85aab9c84f7e31a925738d6b5ed2e gwt-export: - fixes after latest merge - excluded JsonDebugUtil from source as it contains too many calls not supported by gwt
Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> 10d562016e376e2eba933359ea5ee6a02656e38b 10d562016e376e2eba933359ea5ee6a02656e38b Merge branch 'master' into gwt-export
Christoph Daniel Schulze Christoph Daniel Schulze 4cc779e9b81a7c5d42d15f56f8d5006c12d2401e 4cc779e9b81a7c5d42d15f56f8d5006c12d2401e Release: - Fixed a few version constraints of plugin fragments.
Arnd Plumhoff <> Arnd Plumhoff <> 53baa9ad71ebe5a3835b9c5895b300db3009ab48 53baa9ad71ebe5a3835b9c5895b300db3009ab48 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Arnd Plumhoff <> Arnd Plumhoff <> 9a1e8e1dd1c6aa3a2af43de8a50b4e5ddd44a058 9a1e8e1dd1c6aa3a2af43de8a50b4e5ddd44a058 Release: - increased version numbers

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