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0a8521339d1c3a6fa43c39f83a8006c4686eae99 0a8521339d1c3a6fa43c39f83a8006c4686eae99
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KIELER Pragmatics
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Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> 0a8521339d1c3a6fa43c39f83a8006c4686eae99 0a8521339d1c3a6fa43c39f83a8006c4686eae99 Merge branch 'master' into mkr/filesysExportDiag
Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> d0e4313e55492bb54b2f033b21abeecfb2251f60 d0e4313e55492bb54b2f033b21abeecfb2251f60 klay.layered: KIPRA-1656 based on some evaluations we decided to increase the default value for thoroughness from 7 to 10
Malte Kruse <> Malte Kruse <> a9d1cb07d03197e3de5bdf9b6412ca1b5776cfa1 a9d1cb07d03197e3de5bdf9b6412ca1b5776cfa1 klighd.ui: Update manifest after removing the 'ui.exporting' subpackage (KIPRA-1598)
Malte Kruse <> Malte Kruse <> d43dc705d7ca30ffe9c931722afd7d97522dfbf8 d43dc705d7ca30ffe9c931722afd7d97522dfbf8 klighd.ui.exporting: - moved SaveAsImageHandler from ui.exporting to ui.internal.handlers - removed subpackage ui.exporting - updated the plugin.xml to the new location
klighd.ui.internal + .handlers:
- added KlighdSaveKGraphDialog to ui.internal.handlers
- integrated the new KlighdSaveKGraphDialog into KlighdSavekGraphHandler
- added messages for the KlighdSaveKGraphDialog

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Unknown Issue TypeKIPRA-1656Could not obtain issue details from Jira