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KIELER Pragmatics
b5051001d389da22824bae0d7cc9d9f1faf7a08d b5051001d389da22824bae0d7cc9d9f1faf7a08d
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769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13 769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13
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KIELER Pragmatics
Author Commit Message Commit date
Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> b5051001d389da22824bae0d7cc9d9f1faf7a08d b5051001d389da22824bae0d7cc9d9f1faf7a08d build,feature: fixes
Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> a6fd2fba37b91ba397a3ded26392417400ae06c3 a6fd2fba37b91ba397a3ded26392417400ae06c3 kwebs: minor fixes
Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> 4b8ed3f1c0c2b29f30a0ddf41b273556088595b7 4b8ed3f1c0c2b29f30a0ddf41b273556088595b7 Fixed imports after move of NodeDimensionCalculation to elk.alg.common
Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> 8b7cca6a6f462f9a60ae716af7e5788e5ef43ab6 8b7cca6a6f462f9a60ae716af7e5788e5ef43ab6 formats.json: removed superfluous elements
Ulf Rueegg <> Ulf Rueegg <> b7dc87d256b29cee297712b6e18582d1144e81e7 b7dc87d256b29cee297712b6e18582d1144e81e7 formats.json: actually make use of 'transferLayout'
also tried to properly use the KGraphTextHandler to export kgt

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