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KIELER Pragmatics
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KIELER Pragmatics
Author Commit Message Commit date
Christian Schneider Christian Schneider 89d70b8e4d098394035e445e9a45865f1db39650 89d70b8e4d098394035e445e9a45865f1db39650 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into master2
Christian Schneider Christian Schneider dd81182883ff899a3c6a09432f4312cb9aeb3531 m dd81182883ff899a3c6a09432f4312cb9aeb3531 target platform: added sources of Guava 21 to target platform
Christian Schneider Christian Schneider a1ace0c86a0cd801591c6ee25051f49099b753f5 m a1ace0c86a0cd801591c6ee25051f49099b753f5 klighd: change in 'KlighdDiagramLayoutConnector' required due to and
Christian Schneider Christian Schneider 066285f67113ffcecb1764e8a8bbae62afb069d2 m 066285f67113ffcecb1764e8a8bbae62afb069d2 klighd: implemented zooming strategy 'ZOOM_TO_FIT_CONTENT' as demanded in KIPRA-1976
* integrated the zooming strategy in action execution, ...
* outsourced bounding box computation from 'DiagramZoomController' into a dedicated class and extended implementation
* added dedicated test class 'DiagramZoomControllerBoundsComputerTest' and a corresponding launch config
* added additional constructor in 'DiagramController' simplifying the application of defaults from the viewContext
* updated related implementations (PiccoloViewer, AbstractOffscreenRenderer) and existing tests
Models Repository
Author Commit Message Commit date
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten ce72ad0d0a2703e59c8c65c088f657429040d9b9 ce72ad0d0a2703e59c8c65c088f657429040d9b9 sccharts: Added test for const arrays

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