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KIELER Pragmatics
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KIELER Pragmatics
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Niklas Rentz Niklas Rentz f74c48399c67f734d97e4c7bceb5dfc11a0a0641 f74c48399c67f734d97e4c7bceb5dfc11a0a0641 Pull request #77: Adapt to ELK 0.7.0 and KLighD master changes, implement a Pragmatics language server
Merge in KIELER/pragmatics from keith to master

* commit 'cc5a0e6e7c1eaf4ac9762cd5b33418620eddd97d': (23 commits)
  use KLighD nightly master updatesite again
  build: incremented tycho, xtext, and ELK versions in maven build
  build: adapted to Xtext 2.22 and Sprotty 0.9
  language.server: Adopt renaming in klighd.
  build: corrected pragmatics LS ID
  build: added  langauge server to update site
  build: updated target platform versions
  build: removed kgraph.language.server from target platform.
  pragmatics.language.server: added a language server launch configuration for the Pragmatics project supporting the KGraph and Elk Graph language with Sprotty diagrams and interactive layout for Elk Graphs.
  grana: Removed check for UNDEFINED EdgeLabelPlacement.
  graphs.klighd: adapted to KLighD change due to ELK 0.8.0 change in default label placement
  graphs.textcases: Adopt elk nightly, fixed graph cleaner.
  grana.ide, config.ide: Fixed content assist.
  Added graphs.klighd.ui to kgraph feature and build.
  graphs.klighd.ui: Removed unnecessary xtend nature.
  Targetplatform: Updated klighd update site.
  graphs.klighd: Use class name to generate synthesis option id.
  graphs.klighd: Syntheses use interactive layout run if necessary.
  Added id to synthesis options.
  build: Added language server stuff to target platform
Niklas Rentz Niklas Rentz cc5a0e6e7c1eaf4ac9762cd5b33418620eddd97d cc5a0e6e7c1eaf4ac9762cd5b33418620eddd97d use KLighD nightly master updatesite again
Niklas Rentz Niklas Rentz face9156c25b0c5a17c5de158173a2e21a51f84f face9156c25b0c5a17c5de158173a2e21a51f84f build: incremented tycho, xtext, and ELK versions in maven build
Niklas Rentz Niklas Rentz c9682f944f176cd0dcc749e0ef8bb5d74feb3166 c9682f944f176cd0dcc749e0ef8bb5d74feb3166 build: adapted to Xtext 2.22 and Sprotty 0.9
Soeren Domroes Soeren Domroes 5348f26f2042d190fce078cf36ca82681d3b17ff 5348f26f2042d190fce078cf36ca82681d3b17ff language.server: Adopt renaming in klighd.

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