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KIELER Semantics
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Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten 05887ecca2d4f51eaf4339a3f59690307063447a 05887ecca2d4f51eaf4339a3f59690307063447a sccharts.klighd: Added new layout style for regions with declarations
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten 3ffb6c829d3873980d27f21abf63be3f659063be 3ffb6c829d3873980d27f21abf63be3f659063be Merge pull request #64 in KIELER/semantics from nbw/dataflowView to master
* commit '03d15c5c373b7d037c3c4cea1f7fcda7e9fc8be6':
  sccharts.klighd: Added new dataflow dependency view
Nis Wechselberg <> Nis Wechselberg <> 03d15c5c373b7d037c3c4cea1f7fcda7e9fc8be6 03d15c5c373b7d037c3c4cea1f7fcda7e9fc8be6 sccharts.klighd: Added new dataflow dependency view
Introduced two new dependency view options. Both are showing SCG
dependencies in SCCharts.
First options creates an edge between two concurrent regions. If any
number of variables is first written in the source region and than
updated or read in the target region.
Second option creates a hyperedge for every of these signals but
attaches every involved region to the one hyperedge.

Signed-off-by: Nis Wechselberg <>