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Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten e382d87d94d0434c4513d139cc7240d4380b5ced e382d87d94d0434c4513d139cc7240d4380b5ced build: Fixed feature dependencies
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten 2dc0bd579ecc01bde7b85b7ec08b7c1e0470e43c 2dc0bd579ecc01bde7b85b7ec08b7c1e0470e43c sccharts.ui: Since the klighd API is now less restrictive the AbstractSCChartsSynthesis is no longer necessary
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten 40ee0ec5ba0a8125a57c3273e3cb89dc9fe354a5 40ee0ec5ba0a8125a57c3273e3cb89dc9fe354a5 Merge pull request #75 in KIELER/semantics from nbw/dataflow to master
* commit '1a3c5ea5567951fc964dd688cd555c454b6dd840':
  sccharts.ui: Updated induced dataflow hook
Nis Wechselberg <> Nis Wechselberg <> 1a3c5ea5567951fc964dd688cd555c454b6dd840 1a3c5ea5567951fc964dd688cd555c454b6dd840 sccharts.ui: Updated induced dataflow hook
The induced dataflow now:
- handles pre-reads independently from normal reads
- doesn't treat relative writes as reads anymore
- creates edges way more efficient
- can be disabled/enabled properly now

Signed-off-by: Nis Wechselberg <>