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d852be18a36a5cadc977d61de3e25e93787feff0 d852be18a36a5cadc977d61de3e25e93787feff0
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#737 (Manual run by Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten)
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Steven Smyth Steven Smyth d852be18a36a5cadc977d61de3e25e93787feff0 d852be18a36a5cadc977d61de3e25e93787feff0 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ssm/master
# Conflicts:
#        plugins/de.cau.cs.kieler.kicool/src/de/cau/cs/kieler/kicool/compilation/VariableStore.xtend
#        plugins/de.cau.cs.kieler.kicool/src/de/cau/cs/kieler/kicool/deploy/TemplateInjection.xtend
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten 99890b43388b44870009c536cb8e13c9dc667bae 99890b43388b44870009c536cb8e13c9dc667bae Merge pull request #133 in KIELER/semantics from als/master to master
* commit '45bff1c0f808e556834b2b306236c0ebe1909d0e':
  kivis: Removed debug output
  kivis: Added support for multiple or no images
  kivis: Selectors matching multiple elements is now a special case in code generation and no longer default.
  kivis.ide: Fixed again
  kivis.ide: Fixed
  kivis: Completely reimplemented Kieler Visualization
  kicool: Added mac specific time measurement.
  kicool: Fixed configurable environments for co-processors
  simulation: Added automatic tick time measurment in simulation
Steven Smyth Steven Smyth d7b304088415191290b9b864edf178a2f3febbf9 d7b304088415191290b9b864edf178a2f3febbf9 sccharts.test: reactivated dataflow synthesis test
Steven Smyth Steven Smyth bc10352fc663b8a598191309aa5a1918fcb4f0cc bc10352fc663b8a598191309aa5a1918fcb4f0cc sccharts.test: added dummy test to dataflow test class
Steven Smyth Steven Smyth f7053b08f8df48358027065659bb7385c887106d f7053b08f8df48358027065659bb7385c887106d sccharts.test: deactivated df synthesis tests