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Semantics Theia
55e678e0f178586c87ab9fc1312a36b90a4150fb 55e678e0f178586c87ab9fc1312a36b90a4150fb
Pragmatics Theia
342bf6da3503ec3d86ded6161666e096ae261338 342bf6da3503ec3d86ded6161666e096ae261338
Pragmatics Libraries
769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13 769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13
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Code commits

Semantics Theia
Author Commit Message Commit date
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 55e678e0f178586c87ab9fc1312a36b90a4150fb 55e678e0f178586c87ab9fc1312a36b90a4150fb Merge branch 'sdo/theia-test' of into sdo/theia-test
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 5feff1cade259b1fead8785f883174eb07ae54b8 m 5feff1cade259b1fead8785f883174eb07ae54b8 keith-diagram: View now automatically opens on editor focus change
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> d84dd3bfe392d046e2e395f40e083a4d615f892d m d84dd3bfe392d046e2e395f40e083a4d615f892d keith-diagram: code cleanup
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 405dd6ea1aeab049accfebaf542762069d06a3bd m 405dd6ea1aeab049accfebaf542762069d06a3bd keith-diagram: Made the diagram view singleton
Pragmatics Theia
Author Commit Message Commit date
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 342bf6da3503ec3d86ded6161666e096ae261338 342bf6da3503ec3d86ded6161666e096ae261338 klighd-lsp: Cleaning up the DiagramState before overwriting a clientId