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Semantics Theia
97bf1adf2337beeb5994b2c596b312e8b58c32c5 97bf1adf2337beeb5994b2c596b312e8b58c32c5
Pragmatics Theia
8714b171a51d81afa4e558fd5e156d03bec00a75 8714b171a51d81afa4e558fd5e156d03bec00a75
Pragmatics Libraries
769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13 769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13
Failing since
#122 (Changes by Niklas Rentz <>)
Fixed in
#148 (Changes by Soeren Domroes)
No failed test found. A possible compilation error occurred.


Code commits

Semantics Theia
Author Commit Message Commit date
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 97bf1adf2337beeb5994b2c596b312e8b58c32c5 97bf1adf2337beeb5994b2c596b312e8b58c32c5 Merge branch 'sdo/theia-test' of into sdo/theia-test
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> be879d9350a32ea62728ec26a59625558562efd5 m be879d9350a32ea62728ec26a59625558562efd5 keith-diagram-options: update the diagram options when requesting a compiler snapshot diagram
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 96875e09cae118f96235f068b8bfe30c71c6ea03 m 96875e09cae118f96235f068b8bfe30c71c6ea03 keith-diagram-options: widget initializes when created
Pragmatics Theia
Author Commit Message Commit date
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 8714b171a51d81afa4e558fd5e156d03bec00a75 8714b171a51d81afa4e558fd5e156d03bec00a75 klighd-lsp: when setting new options, the correct snapshot diagram can now be drawn.