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Semantics Theia
90cce8029bd29040aa9aee74f5ba54ac6b6d5dff 90cce8029bd29040aa9aee74f5ba54ac6b6d5dff
Pragmatics Theia
d6af013eacf72f4cdc809fd36f2665fbfea72609 d6af013eacf72f4cdc809fd36f2665fbfea72609
Pragmatics Libraries
769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13 769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13
Failing since
#122 (Changes by Niklas Rentz <>)
Fixed in
#148 (Changes by Soeren Domroes)
No failed test found. A possible compilation error occurred.


Code commits

Semantics Theia
Author Commit Message Commit date
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 90cce8029bd29040aa9aee74f5ba54ac6b6d5dff 90cce8029bd29040aa9aee74f5ba54ac6b6d5dff Merge branch 'sdo/theia-test' of into sdo/theia-test
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 9bfaf5caee67adcdd91a2dedad0bb636d9f6044f m 9bfaf5caee67adcdd91a2dedad0bb636d9f6044f keith-sprotty: gave the shadows more room to not get clipped too early
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> 01b989f98072cfd7f73ed09445636fe5bcc77169 m 01b989f98072cfd7f73ed09445636fe5bcc77169 keith-sprotty: improved roundedBendsPolyline rendering for close routing points
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> fb151e11f632db5ca637479f0095e916ddd7196b m fb151e11f632db5ca637479f0095e916ddd7196b keith-diagramOptions: renamed the diagram options messages to fit the new scheme of message extensions
Pragmatics Theia
Author Commit Message Commit date
Niklas Rentz <> Niklas Rentz <> d6af013eacf72f4cdc809fd36f2665fbfea72609 d6af013eacf72f4cdc809fd36f2665fbfea72609 klighd-lsp: Code diagrams are working now.