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Semantics Theia
767b8de1b043e110059ce007f9d99ee6a8dde952 767b8de1b043e110059ce007f9d99ee6a8dde952
Pragmatics Theia
b2a75d3f05328d12c919c7dc03b4214225f1ba02 b2a75d3f05328d12c919c7dc03b4214225f1ba02
Pragmatics Libraries
769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13 769cdcd04a2ceacda86564caf9ec8c8e41f52c13
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#122 (Changes by Niklas Rentz <>)
Fixed in
#148 (Changes by Soeren Domroes)
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Code commits

Semantics Theia
Author Commit Message Commit date
Niklas Rentz Niklas Rentz 767b8de1b043e110059ce007f9d99ee6a8dde952 767b8de1b043e110059ce007f9d99ee6a8dde952 updated lsp4j to 0.6 in manifests
Niklas Rentz Niklas Rentz 5680275b2bcec27151590d6fd653c3a0a0cd7ac1 5680275b2bcec27151590d6fd653c3a0a0cd7ac1 Merge branch 'master' into sdo/theia-test
Niklas Rentz Niklas Rentz 4e8ce1c1b03cd75385cdd152b4a4ac1b6852a2b7 4e8ce1c1b03cd75385cdd152b4a4ac1b6852a2b7 keith-diagramoptions: Separator option is now rendered with its name
Niklas Rentz Niklas Rentz ec0be7a85bf7911c11297a24fd4f91cfef2ad489 ec0be7a85bf7911c11297a24fd4f91cfef2ad489 keith-diagramoptions: identifying each synthesisOption via a unique hash
Niklas Rentz Niklas Rentz 26be2805ccdb09222c46f6e3d290da35d06ce7be 26be2805ccdb09222c46f6e3d290da35d06ce7be First step to getting linebreaks in texts to work