Nightly build of the Semantics theia branch

Build: #329 was successful Manual run by Soeren Domroes


The following artifacts have been generated by the jobs in this plan.

Shared artifacts

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Produced in job Artifact File size
Compile and Package Pragmatics Update Site Build Pragmatics Dependency KIELER Pragmatics Repository 17 MB
Compile and Package Semantics Update Site Build Update Site Semantics p2 Repository 81 MB
Compile and Package Product Build Product Semantics RCA 804 MB
Language Server Linux 333 MB
Language Server Mac 333 MB
Language Server Windows 337 MB
Language Server Zip 804 MB
Build Theia Application Linux Build Theia App Theia App Linux 844 MB
Standalone Language Server Linux 267 MB
Build Theia Application Windows Build Theia App Theia App Windows 429 MB