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KIELER Semantics
35e686783753d86650d139368b3a5382172c3ef1 35e686783753d86650d139368b3a5382172c3ef1
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7ed80e2cabef2f9c6c2311071ea27286cd3723ef 7ed80e2cabef2f9c6c2311071ea27286cd3723ef
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KIELER Semantics
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Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten 35e686783753d86650d139368b3a5382172c3ef1 35e686783753d86650d139368b3a5382172c3ef1 Merge pull request #32 in KIELER/semantics from aas/prom to master
* commit 'cb9d29ffecef362a365c882eb74d6dc62a5f5a7c':
  sim: tested and fixed on Windows
  sim: new folder structure in kieler-gen updated java simulation (using org.json)
  sim: simulate multiple instances of same executable
  sim: show variable history in a tooltip image as graph
  sim: arrays in simulation
  sim: handle arrays in data pool
  sim: use gson instead sim: first approach with arrays
Andreas Stange <> Andreas Stange <> cb9d29ffecef362a365c882eb74d6dc62a5f5a7c cb9d29ffecef362a365c882eb74d6dc62a5f5a7c sim: tested and fixed on Windows
Andreas Stange <> Andreas Stange <> e6490042b8d24993c0a78d8ed6c253fbf4707c80 e6490042b8d24993c0a78d8ed6c253fbf4707c80 sim: new folder structure in kieler-gen updated java simulation (using org.json)
Andreas Stange <> Andreas Stange <> ed7fddd692b4c6eef2533983f272c689b5a59b9f ed7fddd692b4c6eef2533983f272c689b5a59b9f sim: simulate multiple instances of same executable
Andreas Stange <> Andreas Stange <> bd2cd5205e627d5d85bb7192e3ebfd9368b5986c bd2cd5205e627d5d85bb7192e3ebfd9368b5986c Merge branch 'master' into aas/prom

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