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Code commits


  • Niklas Rentz

    Niklas Rentz a2b14ab0a940a752674e133b1fc4f7eb1f9cda0f

    klighd.lsp: unique rendering IDs have an own property.
    This way, they no longer overwrite the existing ID field on the
    renderings, which may be used elsewhere. Also avoids the problem with
    pre-existing IDs containing a $ sign, which breaks tracing the IDs back
    to their renderings.
    Fixes #58

    • plugins/de.cau.cs.kieler.klighd.lsp/src/de/cau/cs/kieler/klighd/lsp/gson_utils/EObjectSerializer.xtend (version a2b14ab0a940a752674e133b1fc4f7eb1f9cda0f)
    • plugins/de.cau.cs.kieler.klighd.lsp/src/de/cau/cs/kieler/klighd/lsp/utils/KGraphElementIDGenerator.xtend (version a2b14ab0a940a752674e133b1fc4f7eb1f9cda0f)
    • plugins/de.cau.cs.kieler.klighd.lsp/src/de/cau/cs/kieler/klighd/lsp/utils/RenderingPreparer.xtend (version a2b14ab0a940a752674e133b1fc4f7eb1f9cda0f)
    • plugins/de.cau.cs.kieler.klighd.lsp/src/de/cau/cs/kieler/klighd/lsp/utils/SprottyProperties.xtend (version a2b14ab0a940a752674e133b1fc4f7eb1f9cda0f)