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75ea42500757658aae248a9c196cafecd46e93bc 75ea42500757658aae248a9c196cafecd46e93bc
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Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten 75ea42500757658aae248a9c196cafecd46e93bc m 75ea42500757658aae248a9c196cafecd46e93bc release: Configured build system for release build
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten 88eadb2db9d8e6d11a4d222c65d9ac852d7bbbcd m 88eadb2db9d8e6d11a4d222c65d9ac852d7bbbcd Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into als/master
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten ad421494f97c3d3df621c444664ed180cdacbb53 m ad421494f97c3d3df621c444664ed180cdacbb53 sccharts: Fixed ambiguous transition syntax. KISEMA-1399
- The sctx grammar no longer supports both orders in transition
definitions. Target state now has to be at the end.
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten d27d1611d2bb37dd9f8e4216934d7f58a93c98c3 m d27d1611d2bb37dd9f8e4216934d7f58a93c98c3 sccharts.ui: Added reserialization command
Added reserialization command to parse an sctx file, ignoring all user
formatting and syntax options and overrideing the file with newly
serialzed content.
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten cad1a06dfde6007a5431ffeb3c00a3adcce3cfd1 m cad1a06dfde6007a5431ffeb3c00a3adcce3cfd1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into als/master

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