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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: cds
  • Protocol: cds
  • Attendees:
    • cds
    • chsch
    • cmot
    • msp
  • Start: 12:10
  • End: 13:15



The current problem is that KIELER functionality is all over the place, with vastly different functionality put under the same menu.Our goal is to get rid of all kinds of KIELER menus and make our functionality available in more sensible ways. Before we get on with the general KIELER restructuring discussions, we need to restructure the UI to get rid of a lot of dependencies. And hey, this has the added bonus of a cleaner UI!

Problem Areas

  • Perspective
  • Wizards (New, Import, Export)
  • View categories
  • Preference pages
  • Toolbars
  • Main menu bar
  • Context menus
  • Commands

First Unstructured Heap of Ideas

  • Put structure-based editing into an appropriate sub menu of the Edit menu.
  • Put layout functionality into the GMF Diagram menu
    • Think about similar solutions for Graphiti etc.
  • Separate tool bars for each part of KIELER (layout, structure-based editing, ...)
  • The context menu should also be restructured, with some items put into the top level, other items put into the Edit submenu, etc.



  • One thing to try: name new categories either "KAOM", "KIELER Actor Oriented Modeling", or even "KAOM (KIELER Actor Oriented Modeling"


  • Keep the perspective.
  • Move the perspective into the .product perspective. TICKET(cds)


Import Wizards

  • KEG Graph Wizard -> New "KEG Diagrams" category TICKET(msp)
  • Ptolemy2 Models -> New "KAOM" category TICKET(cds)

Export Wizards

  • Example -> Get rid of this wizard altogether TICKET(cds)
  • Export Graph -> New "KIELER Layout" category TICKET(msp)

New Wizards

  • Actor Oriented Modeling Diagram (GMF) -> New "KAOM" category TICKET(cds)
  • KEG Diagram -> New "KEG" category TICKET(msp)
  • Random KEG Graph -> New "KEG Diagrams" category TICKET(msp)
  • Synccharts Diagram -> New "KIELER SyncCharts" category TICKET(cmot)
  • Synccharts Model -> New "KIELER SyncCharts" category TICKET(cmot)

Example Wizards

  • KIELER -> Rename to "KIELER Examples" TICKET(cds)


  • Analysis Results -> New "KIELER Layout" category TICKET(msp)
  • Data Table -> New "KIELER Simulation" category TICKET(cmot)
  • Data Visualization -> Get rid of this code TICKET(msp)
  • Execution Manager -> New "KIELER Simulation" category TICKET(cmot)
  • KEV View -> New "KIELER Simulation" category TICKET(cmot)
  • Layout -> New "KIELER Layout" category TICKET(msp)
  • Synchronous Signals -> New "KIELER Simulation" category TICKET(cmot)
  • Textual SyncCharts (KITS) -> New "KIELER SyncCharts" category TICKET(chsch)

Preference Pages

  • ESO -> New "KIELER Simulation -> ESO Editor" category  or get rid of it TICKET(cmot)
  • Esterel -> New "Esterel -> Editor" category or get rid or if TICKET(cmot)
  • Execution Manager -> New "KIELER Simulation -> Execution Manager" category TICKET(cmot)
  • Graphs Diagram -> New "KEG Diagrams" category TICKET(msp)
  • Kaom Diagram -> New "KAOM" category TICKET(cds)
  • KAOM Text Editing -> Get rid of it TICKET(msp)
  • KExpressions -> Get rid of it TICKET(cmot)
  • KITS -> New "KIELER SyncCharts" category or get rid of it TICKET(chsch)
  • Layout -> New "KIELER Layout" category TICKET(msp)
  • S -> New "S -> Editor" category or get rid of it TICKET(cmot)
  • Synccharts Diagram -> New "KIELER SyncCharts -> Diagram" TICKET(chsch)
  • Validation Manager -> New "KIELER Simulation" category; also, make the label show a proper text TICKET(cmot)
  • View Management -> New "KIELER View Management" category TICKET(chsch)


  • Keep the KIELER Layout toolbar.
  • Analyze the Graph of the Current Diagram -> "KIELER Layout" toolbar TICKET(msp)
  • Validate -> New "KIELER Simulation" toolbar TICKET(cmot)
  • Put all view management buttons into a new "KIELER View Management" toolbar TICKET(chsch)

Next Meeting

Next Tuesday, 12:00pm.

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