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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: cds
  • Protocol: cds
  • Attendees:
    • cds
    • chsch
    • cmot
    • ima
    • msp
  • Start: 12:40
  • End:



We talk about our current goals. Those are:

  • Divide into smaller projects that are easier to manage.
  • Being able to develop against known and more or less stable APIs.
  • Separate core (layout and KLighD) and applications (things that use layout and KLighD).
  • Shorter release cycles.

Possible Problems

The problems we have identified:

  • When dividing the project into several parts, we will probably lose the ability to show every single cutting-edge feature in one single application.
    • Miro mentions that the two parts represent very different topics, and thus probably won't have to be the most recent stuff.

Possible Division

Miro proposes dividing KIELER into two projects:

  1. Layout and KLighD
  2. Semantics (with coupled RCA release)


  1. We will split the project as explained above. (pragmatics and semantics)
  2. This will take place after the next regular release, which we will try to do in January 2013.
  3. During the split, we will talk about what to do with KLOTS.


  1. Detailed plan of which plug-in will go into which repository.
  2. Increase independents of projects.

Next Meeting

After the next release. We will talk about a concrete plan.

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