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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: uru
  • Protocol: cds
  • Attendees:
    • cds
    • chsch
    • ckru
    • cmot
    • gus
    • ima
    • rvh
    • ssm
    • uru
  • Start: 12:05
  • End: 13:00


Finding a New Structure for KIELER (gus)

Gustaf is not satisfied with the way the different projects / products in the KIELER project are named. Also, since the KIELER project structure is reflected in the Wiki organization, the Wiki is not very well structured for people to find our stuff.

  • One proposal would be to structure the project into SCCharts, KIELER (which would be Graph Layout), Mindstorms, Railway and RtSys Workgroup.
  • rvh: KIELER is an established brand name, which, to us, refers to our "validation platform" we use to validate our ideas.
    • uru: We probably won't get rid of the name "KIELER".
  • ssm: What is the actual question?
    • gus: The problem is that the "KIELER SCCharts Editor" does not appear as such in the Wiki at the top level.
  • uru: Should we keep "KIELER" as a top-level name?
    • cds: Yes. The way that "Microsoft" is a brand name prepended to the different product names, "KIELER" should be the brand name prepended to the different project names. Pragmatics and Semantics can be used as an additional organizational structure superimposed on the KIELER projects.


  • We will keep "KIELER" as a top-level name.
  • The Wiki start page will be restructured into KIELER Layout, KIELER Lightweight Diagrams, and KIELER SC Charts. All of the other projects will be moved into a "More Projects" category.
  • The internal development information will be moved into a new Confluence space.
  • We will try to apply the changes we decided upon and meet again on Mon, Nov. 10th, 12:00pm.


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