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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: -
  • Protocol: cds
  • Attendees:
    • als
    • cds
    • nbw
    • rvh
    • uru
  • Start: 12:15
  • End: 12:50


Things We Saw

  • 85-sctest-cabin.sct
    The edge label placement strategy should be to place all labels above or below an edge instead of the placement depending on the edge direction.
  • 85-sctest-cabin.sct
    The edge end points with splines could be straight instead of having a small bent section. The same problem appears with orthogonal edge routing.
  • 85-sctest-cabin.sct
    The labels enlarge the diagram more than would be necessary (the reason being that each label occupies a new layer).
    • For one-dimensional compaction to solve this, the compaction would need to know about splines. Vertical spline segments (which can only appear between layers) could perhaps be represented as bounding boxes?
    • Another way to solve this might be to split up label dummies into several layers. It might be interesting to not split the label dummy size equally, but to check how wide each layer is going to be at minimum anyway. Also, splitting regular nodes will be problematic regarding node label placement. It might be enough for SCCharts to only split label dummies.

What We Saw

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