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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: nre
  • Protocol: als
  • Attendees:
    • als
    • nre
    • sdo
    • cds
    • Hauke Fuhrmann
    • Mike Rumpf
    • Christian Schneider
  • Start: 10:20
  • End: 12:10



  • Get rid of e3 extension points
  • Migrate Klighd to GitHub


  • als: Use KIELERServiceLoader thats work with and without OSGI?
  • chsch: Handle registration via dependency injection (Guice)?
  • eHandbook still want to have support for e3 extension points
  • chsch: SWT cannot be removed from Klighd without massive effort
    • Many interfaces are based on SWT
    • Text size estimation requests a Display that requires a graphical os
  • A minimal mockup of some eclipse dependencies are necessary to run Klighd


  • Removing SWT dependencies is an orthogonal problem to e3
  • Main blocker are e3 extension points
    • Add alternative registration option
  • Add maven plugin to fullfill some eclipse.ui dependencies in non-ui klighd plugins
  • The code in the statemachine tool might be helpful
    • Klighd
    • KlighdStandalone
    • KlighdDataManager

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