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The Infrastructure for Meta Layout (KIML) and our Layout Algorithms (KLay) will soon be moved into a new, official Eclipse project: the Eclipse Layout Kernel (ELK). This move will require quite a few changes, ranging from plugin, extension point, and package name changes to a restructured KGraph. All changes are documented on the following page:

Migrating to the Eclipse Layout Kernel


In the KIELER project, automatic layout algorithms serve as the key technology that enables other advanced features, such as focus & context, dynamic view creation, or interactive simulations. The layout component of KIELER consists of three projects:

  • Infrastructure for Meta Layout (KIML)
    KIML serves as the foundation of automatic layout in KIELER. It provides the connection between diagram editors on one side, and layout algorithms on the other side. New bindings for editors can easily be added, as can be new layout algorithms.
  • Layout Algorithms (KLay)
    KLay is our effort to provide Java-based implementations of layout algorithms. The most popular algorithm is probably KLay Layered, a layer-based layout algorithm for data flow diagrams.
  • Web Services (KWebS)
    KWebS makes layout algorithms accessible to any application by providing them as a web service. KWebS supports several different input and output formats. Our research group hosts an instance of KWebS, but with the KWebS server, you can host one yourself as well.