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  1. Download the KGraph Editor from our Download Site.
  2. Start the KielerKGraphEditor.
  3. Select a workspace location which is used to store user settings and as default location for your projects.
  4. Create a new project. Right-click the Project Explorer - New - Project. Within the opened dialog chose a name and press Finish.
  5. Create a new Empty KGraph file. Again, give it a name and finish. The file extension is .kgt and is added automatically if you omit it.
  6. Start typing within the opened editor. A graphical version of the textually defined graph will be synthesized automatically as you type. As an example you can use the graph shown in the following screenshot, containing two nodes n1 and n2 and an edge between the two nodes.
  7. Happy graphing. Our Wiki provides further information on the textual KGraph language and the KRendering format.
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