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New Features Included in 0.7.0

Add new features to be mentioned in the release notes to this section.Here's a list of the most prominent new features provided with version 0.7.0:

  • KAOM
    • Added heuristic to Ptolemy importer for determining attachments between comments and actors.
    • Greatly improved the performance of the Ptolemy importer.
  • KLay Layered
    • Improved support for connected components in hierarchical diagrams.
    • Support for flat layout of hierarchical diagrams.
    • New node placement algorithm based on an approach by Brandes & Köpf.
  • New KRendering Meta Model
  • KLighD (current state)
  • KIEM
    • KART – KIELER Automated Regression Tests
    • JUnit regression testing framework
    • Signals view
  • S
    • Editor
    • SC simulator
  • Esterel support
  • New serialization for textual model representations, resulting in performance improvements (SyncCharts)

Deprecated Features Removed in 0.7.0

Add stuff to this list that was removed in 0.7The following features were shipping with version 0.6.0, but was still shipping with are not included in version 0.67.0 .anymore:

  • The KLoDD layout algorithm has been removed; superseded by KLay Layered.