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Advisors: Reinhard von Hanxleden, Ulf Rüegg, Christoph Daniel Schulze., Insa Fuhrmann

  • Control Flow Graph Exploration / Visualization (Bachelor)
    Use pragmatics concepts (automatic layout, focus & context) for exploring/visualizing control flow graphs and specific paths, eg. as computed by OTAWA WCET analysis tool, eg. using KLighD.
  • Compound Graph Exploration (Bachelor, Master)
    A new graph exploration approach should be examined which is uses different zoom levels for different compound nodes. This tries to map the "Google Maps approach" of only showing the information of interest at any given zoom level to the field of graph exploration.


Advisors: Christian Motika, Steven Smyth, Reinhard v. Hanxleden, Insa Fuhrmann

Heute haben sich eine ganze Reihe von Modellierungssprachen durchgesetzt, die grafische Modelle verwenden. Dazu zählen beispielsweise die Unified Modeling Language (UML) oder die Werkzeugketten Simulink/Stateflow von Mathworks und SCADE von Esterel-Technologies. Letztere werden insbesondere auch im Entwurf eingebetteter und sicherheitskritischer Systeme (z.B. in Fahr- und Flugzeugen) eingesetzt.


  • Optimization of the SCCharts compiler/transformations (Bachelor/Master)
    Profile the actual SCCharts compiler/transformations and apply optimizations; also evaluate the possibility to use multiple cores for compilation
  • On the pragmatics of modeling large models in SCCharts (Bachelor/Master)
    Evaluate the possibilities to create and maintain large models in model-based languages (i.e. SCCharts) and provide suggestions for improvements
  • Visualization of Model-based Simulation via Tracing (Bachelor/Master)
    Use the already implemented Model-to-Model-Tracing in KIELER to visualize simulations. 
  • Incremental Compilation of SCEst (Bachelor/Master)
    Modify the KIELER SCEst language so that KIELER is able to compile Esterel step-by-step to C via SCL.
  • Model-based Compilation of Legacy C Programs (Bachelor/Master)
    Implement a model-based compiler in KIELER that is able to compile C to (S)CCharts and then back to C again.
  • Extend the SC MoC to handle priority-based variable accesses (Bachelor/Master)
    Add priorities to variable accesses to extend the SC MoC and therefore the number of valid sequentially constructive synchronous programs.
  • Transformation of Circuits to SCCharts (Bachelor/Master)
    Implement a transformation that translates circuits to (dataflow) SCCharts.
  • On the Pragmatics of Interactive Timing Information Feedback for graphical modeling (Bachelor)
    Use Pragmatics concepts to enhance the timing information feedback of the Interactive Timing Analysis.

  • Efficient data dependency & scheduling analyses in SCCharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement analyses for data dependency, scheduling (e.g. tick boundaries) for SCCharts to improve static scheduling of the compiler
  • Curing Schizophrenia in SCCharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Develop new synchronizer to handle schizophrenia properly (e.g. depth join).
  • SCCharts Debugging (Master/Bachelor)
    Implement more sophisticated debugging mechanisms (e.g. breakpoints, observers) for SCCharts
  • Environment Simulations for SCCharts (Master/Bachelor)
    Develop a system to simulate environments (e.g. for Lego Mindstorms) for SCCharts in KIELER
  • SCCharts Verification (Master/Bachelor)
    Add the possibility to perfom model checking on SCCharts

  • Quartz (Master)
    Integrate the synchronous Quartz language into KIELER for validation purposes and teaching.
  • Implementation of a priority-based compilation approach (Master) 
    Implement the SyncCharts priority-based compilation approach into the SCCharts compiler chain.
  • Raceyard evaluation (Master)
    Evaluate the possibility for the use of SCCharts in the Raceyard context and pave the way for future experiments