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  • Control flow graph layout
    Connect the KIELER layout algorithms to an external tool for control flow graphs used in compiler development.
  • Node placement for layered graph layout (in progress)
    Implement node placement algorithms such as the one of Brandes and Köpf.
  • Dynamic SyncCharts SyncCharts and actor model visualization
    Develop a an integrated viewer for SyncCharts and KAOM models using KLighD, including view management techniques such as focus & context .Actor-oriented modeling
    Develop a viewer for KAOM models using KLighD, including custom rendering for Ptolemy. Evaluate the eTrice project for possible cooperation.and structure-based editing.
  • Validation manager for models
    Develop an integrated, flexible and generic validation framework for models (e.g. Esterel or SyncCharts).
  • Railway track layout
    Use KLighD to visualize railway tracks.
  • Transformation from SyncCharts to Esterel
    Develop a transformation in Xtend2 to generate Esterel code for SyncCharts.Connect CEC to Esterel editor for simulation (in progress)
    Columbia Esterel Compiler.
  • Instruments for data visualization
    Develop visualizations of data values (e.g. through charts) and integrate them in the KIELER environment.

Master Topics


  • Expression language and modularization
    Develop an expression language with a type system for SyncCharts. Implement modularization of SyncCharts models.
  • FPGA Statecharts
    Development of a Statecharts editor, based on .NET, WPF, MS Silverlight. Synthesis onto FPGAs with a data-flow-based intermediate format.
  • Quartz
    Integrate the synchronous Quartz language into KIELER for validation purposes and teaching.
  • Esterel / SyncCharts Validation
    Automate the validation for a (generic) SyncCharts simulator employing the Esterel simulator and the Esterel to SyncCharts transformation.