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Sequentially Constructive Statecharts (SCCharts)

SCCharts [5] is a visual synchronous language that is designed for specifying safety-critical reactive systems. SCCharts uses a new statechart notation similar to Harel Statecharts [3] and provides deterministic concurrency based on a synchronous model of computation (MoC), without restrictions common to previous synchronous MoCs like the Esterel constructive semantics [2].  Specifically, we lift earlier limitations on sequential accesses to shared variables, by leveraging the sequentially constructive MoC [4]. Thus SCCharts in short are SyncCharts [1] syntax plus Sequentially Constructive semantics.


titleReferenced Publications

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[7] David Harel. Statecharts: A visual formalism for complex systems, Science of Computer Programming, 8(3):231-274, June 1987.


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Downloads - KIELER SCCharts Product
Downloads - KIELER SCCharts Product