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What is New for Developers?

Tests use Models Repository

Most of the test cases now uses the models repository directly. You can specify the locaton of you models repository in the models_repository variable in your test launch configuration.

API Changes

Grammar Changes


  • A dash (-) is now available in ExtendedIDs. SCCharts States may now include dashes in their IDs.
  • Single underscore (_) IDs are no longer valid. Underscores prefix generated IDs or are Value keywords.

Assignments & Emissions

Valued Objects in assignments and emissions are now valued object references. Hence, they reuse the KExpressions concepts.

If you @inject KEffectsExtensions, you can use the same syntax as before. Otherwise, assignment.reference is the ValuedObjectReference that points to the referenced ValuedObject. You can use the reference as usual. Keep in mind that it is a containment.


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