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KIELER is is developed as open source software, licensed under the Eclipse Public License and can thus be downloaded and used free of charge.


You want to support our research? Answer the 17 question of our survey on KLighD!

Some questions require some insight into the toolkit. If you're not familiar with it yet, have a look at Lightweight Diagrams (KLighD) and/or feel free to go through this tutorial before answering the questions. (added May 19, 2015)


Being a research project, there are different people working in different areas of the project. The project is basically divided into the Layout, Pragmatics, and Semantics, but we also have a bunch of demonstrators and even a number of projects useful to end users published as part of OpenKieler:


We also provide an infrastructure to define execution semantics for a meta model. This can be a simulator based on C (see S/SC projects) or Ptolemy (see KlePto project). Simulators can easily be integrated using the KIELER Execution Manager (KIEM). We also support textual simulations (see Esterel and S project). Another recent main contribution are SCCharts. To get an overview about all projects concerning semantics in KIELER follow the link below.

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