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titleProject Overview


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You want to support our research? Answer the 15 question of survey on KLighD!

If you're not familiar with the toolkit yet, take some time and go through this tutorial.

Get the demo example DSL and KLighD diagram synthesis shown at XtextCon 2015 as well as the test model from here!


This page has been updated to KIELER Pragmatics 0.11.0


Now you might want to use some advanced features of KLighD diagrams, like sophisticated figure styling or diagram synthesis options. Details on that will follow soon, the EcoreDiagramSynthesis, which is in charge of creating appealing class diagrams from Ecore models and which you will also find in the examples project, illustrates those features already. The following picture shows such a diagram and a list of options for tailoring such diagrams in the side bar on the right.