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The automatic tests we run on the source code you submit won't let you hand in badly formatted code. This is because we want to force you to write code that is properly readable. Fortunately, formatting your code properly is a matter of two clicks of a mouse button:

Importing Classes

There will be assignments where we ask you to import existing classes into your workspace. There are (at least) two ways to do so:

  1. Right-click the destination folder in your Eclipse project and choose Import....
  2. Use drag & drop.

We will now describe the latter. Start by downloading the respective class. Then, import it into your Java project by dragging and dropping it from your file explorer to your source folder, like this:

Eclipse will ask you whether you want to copy the file into your project or just link to it. You want the former:

The imported file may declare to be in a different package than the one you imported it to, resulting in a compiler error. To fix that, simply open up the file, point the mouse cursor at the wrong package declaration, and choose to move the file to that package.