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titleRelease in Progress


This was a silent (internal) release, that was not publicly announced.

KIELER SCCharts Release 0.13


The 0.13.0 release comes with the following changes.

Main purpose of this release is to freeze the version that was used in the Railway project. Including features that were not yet included in any release and will not be included in future ones, such as Prom, KiSim, and KiVis.

New Features included in 0.13.0 (Sep. 12, 2018)

Status of the included/previous features


.sctx File Format


  • Various features removed or redesigned

  • New SCTX Syntax and file format
  • KIELER Compiler Overhaul a.k.a. KiCool

titleTODO: New compilation workflow

Known Problems and Limitations