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  • Moderator: rvh
  • Protocol: als
  • Attendees:
    • rvh
    • ssm
    • als
    • sdo
    • nre
    • janina
    • jpe
    • fry
    • cds
    • andy
  • Start: 9:45
  • End: 10:40


Table of Contents

OSGI Diagram Synthesis (nre)

  • Text field for filtering visible nodes by prefix
    • rvh: Automatic shortening of common id prefix
      • Ask users
  • The diagram state/focus is now persisted also when synthesis options change
  • rvh: contrast in blue bundle boxes
  • In bundle view the bundle nodes are no longer additionally created when dependencies are added
  • Undo/redo buttons
    • Generally work but not during presentation (wink)
  • Ordering of nodes should be alphabetically ordered
  • rvh: animation when adding/removing nodes should less uncoordinated
  • Bundle features are currently partially supported for service interfaces
  • cds: When ids are shortened it should be indicated by dots. The full id is available in a tooltip.

Impressions from Lego Mindstorms  in RT-Lecture (sdo)

  • Nice battle-ready NXTs

Code Effects in SCCharts (als)

  • Using curly brackets it is now possible to embed scl code in a single effect on actions or transitions
  • Code effects are transformed into methods
  • rvh: It is intuitive that curly-brackets are not only a pure structuring feature but enable additional language features