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mvn -f build/pom.xml clean package -P semantics.testBuilds all plugins and CLI. CLI tools are located in build/de.cau.cs.kieler.kicool.cli/target/exe or sccharts.cli respectively.
mvn -f build/pom.xml clean integration-test -P semantics.testPerforms all tests (including CLI tests)
mvn -f build/pom.xml clean package -P semanticsBuilds all plugins and creates the updatesite in build/de.cau.cs.kieler.semantics.repository/target/repository
mvn -f build/pom.xml package -P semantics.productBuilds the Kieler product and CLI. By default the build will use the plugins from the nightly updatesite, not the locally built plugins! Change the kieler.semantics.updatesite property in build/pom.xml to a file url (file://your/path/to/updatesite) leading to updatesite mentioned above. Do not commit this change!