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Here's a selection of possible bachelor and master topics. If you're interested in one of them, don't hesitate to contact us! We'll sit down, have tea, and talk about what we could do together.

Bachelor Topics

  • Control flow graph layout
    Connect the KIELER layout algorithms to an external tool for control flow graphs used in compiler development.
  • Node placement for layered graph layout (in progress)
    Implement node placement algorithms such as the one of Brandes and Köpf.
  • Dynamic SyncCharts visualization
    Develop a viewer for SyncCharts models using KLighD, including view management techniques such as focus & context.
  • Actor-oriented modeling
    Develop a viewer for KAOM models using KLighD, including custom rendering for Ptolemy. Evaluate the eTrice project for possible cooperation.
  • Validation manager for models
    Develop an integrated, flexible and generic validation framework for models (e.g. Esterel or SyncCharts).
  • Railway track layout
    Use KLighD to visualize railway tracks.
  • Transformation from SyncCharts to Esterel
    Develop a transformation in Xtend2 to generate Esterel code for SyncCharts.
  • Connect CEC to Esterel editor for simulation (in progress) Columbia Esterel Compiler
  • Instruments for data visualization
    Develop visualizations of data values (e.g. through charts) and integrate them in the KIELER environment.