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  • Validation Manager for Models
    Develop an integrated, flexible and generic syntactic validation framework for models (e.g. Esterel or SyncCharts).
  • SCCharts compiler validation with Esterel
    Automate the validation of the SCCharts compiler using the Esterel simulation.
  • Transformation from SCCharts to Esterel [possibly also Master Topic]
    Develop a transformation in Xtend2 to generate Esterel code for SCCharts.
  • Hardware Synthesis from SCCharts to FPGAFPGA [possibly also Master Topic]
    Use the circuit-based code generation to produce code for FPGAs
  • Automatic documentation generation out of annotations [possibly also Master Topic]
    Develop an automatic SCCharts documentation system
  • Optimizations for the SCCharts compiler [possibly also Master Topic]
    Profile the actual SCCharts compiler and apply optimizations

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Developing an Info Screen
    Info screens are screens that present data in ways that can be easily understood. This includes static data (project description graphics, members of a team, ...) as well as dynamically aggregated data (bug statistics, automatic build overviews, ...). This topic is about developing such an info screen for our group and making it easily configurable.


  • Quartz
    Integrate the synchronous Quartz language into KIELER for validation purposes and teaching.
  • Implementation of a priority-based compilation approach
    Curing Schizophrenia with Depth JoinImplement the SyncCharts priority-based compilation approach into the SCCharts compiler chain.
  • Curing Schizophrenia in SCCharts
    Develop new synchronizer to handle schizophrenia properly (e.g. depth join).
  • Adding dataflow to SCCharts
    Add dataflow to SCCharts 
  • Detecting tick boundaries in SCCharts
    Implement an algorithm that detects tick boundaries (in concurrent) threads and therefore improves the scheduling
  • Preserving concurrency for multi-core 
    Evaluate possibilities to preserve parallelism in SCCharts.
  • Railway 2.0
    Design a new and modern hardware controlling (Version 4) for the railway installation.