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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: rvh
  • Protocol: gus
  • Attendees: uru, cds, chsch, cmot, ssm, ima
  • Start: 12:00
  • End: 12:50


  • website structure and navigation
  • Confluence Wiki restructuring
  • branding and nomenclature of projects/products

Results / To-Do's

  • Product Portfolio & Branding
    • KIELER is the top level brand name for all software developed at RTSYS.
    • KIELER is also a software suite consisting of multiple components.
    • The most important components of KIELER are: KIELER SCCharts, KIELER Lightweight Diagrams, and KIELER Layout.
  • Confluence
    • rename "RTSYS Stuff" space to "RTSYS Group Wiki" (Todo Christoph Daniel Schulze) – done
    • move general / administrative content from "Kieler" space into "RTSYS" space (Todo Unknown User (gus))
    • create a new Wiki space for Railroad system and successively migrate old HTML content into it if appropriate (Todo Unknown User (gus))
  • Relaunch of RTSYS Website (Todo Unknown User (gus))
    • navigation buttons in sidebar: see photo of whiteboard
    • underneath "Projekte", create one overview page that graphically shows the key components of KIELER suite as listed above.
    • from this overview page, link directly into Confluence. avoid any redundant information between Wiki and Website.
    • come up with one clear, easy to understand sentence that defines each component of the KIELER suite. use this snippet everywhere (overview page, Wiki, Wikipedia etc)

Open Questions & Postponed

  • Create dedicated Wiki spaces for KIELER SCCharts, KIELER LWD and KIELER Layout? (rather than having them in the same space)
  • Create dedicated Wiki space for Mindstorms related content?
  • Should we use the term "KIELER Software Suite" when referring to the Eclipse based software suite as a whole? (To differentiate between the brand itself and the actual software.)
  • Use Confluence Questions?
  • Wikipedia articles
  • Trade show activities (CeBIT, EclipseCon)


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  1. Unknown User (ima)

    I like the idea by gus of short defining sentences for each component. I think that will also be helpful in situations like being asked at a conference coffee break, what for example KLighD is.

  2. Unknown User (gus)

    based on feedback by Insa, I made a photo of the whiteboard regarding website navigation structure, and uploaded it here.