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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: cds
  • Protocol: pkl
  • Attendees:
    • wah
    • sgu
    • bdu
    • cds
    • cmot
    • tig
    • ima
    • chsch
  • Start: 10.00
  • End: 11:10


Changes to Ptolemy (cds)

Le cds will show some of the changes done to Ptolemy during the stay at Berkeley.

-> shifted to next week.

Move to Eclipse 4.2 (cds)

Let's discuss the current state of KIELER in Eclipse 4.2, especially current problems.

cds will install release 4.2.1!

Thought about a restructuring of the the KIELER UI. Where should buttons and menus be placed?

More division of the main parts of KIELER!

-> Maybe this forms a new project  for the next KIELER release

Code Rating Status (msp)


"We have a lot of red marked classes, but this should not be so!" - msp

decide for red classes:

  • if it is not relevant -> they would be labeled with ignored.
  • otherwise the code is relevant -> mark reviewable class proposed.

Until next week you should decide if red classes should be ignored or marked with yellow!

tig annontated: the code of cmot will be reviewed by

  • wah
  • bdu

Unfinished Confluence Pages (msp)

KIELER members were assigned to write some lines of text to the following terms


News and Novelties in KLighD (chsch)

Brief show of new features.

Showed use a "flower".

New aspects:

  • splines,
    -  check if it possible to use splines instead of polylines to draw splines
    -  search for a better mapping of endpoints (ticket)
    -  give a style to the line, to let the line end some pixel before, for a better look and feel of the decorater on the line.  (ticket)
  • new button to refresh the klighd view for better handling.
  • klighd view does zoom to fit
  • hide label transitions possibility for a clearer diagram
  • round bend points of edges.

-> Maybe brainstorming meeting for UI aspects


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