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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: rvh
  • Protocol: sdo
  • Attendees:
    • rvh
    • als
    • ssm
    • cds
    • tammo
    • lgr
    • merlin
    • nir
    • sdo
    • eren
  • Start: 09:45
  • End: 10:20


Semantic of SCADE and SCCharts (lgr)

  • order of statements is relevant for statements
  • there is no update view in dataflow in kieler (no +=, since only ir was desired)
  • it is possible to design more models in KIELER than in SCADE
  • SCADE has map and fold operators (for arrays), since Lustre has map and fold operations
  • SCADE has structs and a struct operator to decompose struct in dataflow
    • in control flow . operator can be used for this
  • Clock example (absents of values)
    • valued signals have to be used for this
    • boolean valued signals exist
    • booleans should be used for clocks
    • boolean valued signals should be used for streams (which have a clock)
    • clock operations have to be enabled in SCADE (default no clock operations)
    • using signals for clocks makes the transformation more complex
  • incremental update in dataflow
    • feedback edge in dataflow is no normal dataflow edge (does not exist in SCADE or lustre)
    • M label, visualization is to be discussed

Tooling for show compilation snapshots (ssm)

  • side by side view is possible for all snapshots via ctrl enabled by klighd (does not work well with incremental update)

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