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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: rvh
  • Protocol: sdo
  • Attendees:
    • rvh
    • ssm
    • als
    • sdo
    • nre
    • janina
    • jpe
    • fry
    • lan
    • cds
    • ram
    • andy
    • cos
  • Start: 9:35
  • End: 10:00


Diagram Generation for RailSL (ram)

  • clicking on nodes highlights the code
  • it is possible to move nodes
  • sprotty view is used to show diagrams
  • colors needs more contrast
  • goal:
    • Graphical editor with automatic layout
    • solution should be used to improve structure based editing
  • questions:
    • can the svg track layout be used to select track segments?
  • next goals:
    • user story and graphical syntax have to be defined
  • visualization via control flow diagram
  • cds: blockly like syntax

Constraints for nodes and layers (jpe)

  • do constraints should be deleted if interactiveLayout is false?
  • rvh reset to original layout
  • make nodes not movable if interactiveLayout is not set
  • delete constraints via right clicking
  • rvh: ignore annotations flag
  • nodes are shifted if moving a nodes would result in an edge between nodes in the same layer
  • next goals:
    • first: Optimize how layer and position are evaluated
    • what do we do with new constraints? cos
    • how is the interaction visualized? jpe
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