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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: ssm
  • Protocol: sdo
  • Attendees:
    • als
    • andy
    • nre
    • rvh
    • ssm
    • lgr
    • cds
    • peu
    • mek
    • lan
    • kolja
  • Start: 15:00
  • End:


Bitbucket Problems (sdo)

  • Too many user
  • Alex will find a solution
  • Everybody panic!!!

Circuit Layout in Dataflow Synthesis (kolja)

  • Hardware synthesis is now based on the Netlist
  • Problems:
    • Registers are there multiple times
    • And gate has output ports to NORTH, it should be EAST
    • If one variable is written to after its read it is visualized as output
    • Registers are initialized to 0, this is currently not visualized
    • Order of expression still has relevance, this should be fixed
    • Binary OR should be the same as logical OR
    • Negation sign in actors and triangle in register should be bigger
  • Visualization: Mark wires that are true as red, numbers are shown

Release of Everything (nre)

  • KEITH should be released
  • Agenda
    • ELK release (only one open bug)
    • Pragmatic release + LS mergen
    • Semantic release + LS mergen
    • Pragmatic de-eclipsification release later
  • OSGi release
    • Suggestion: Release in pragmatic as feature (cds thinks this is good)
    • Suggestion: Put it in open-kieler (cds)
    • Everything else is discussed in a smaller group
  • Extend OSGi tool to C++ Module System (as thesis)(cds: nothing to do with our research, rvh maybe)

Selfloops (cds)

  • Use the simple solution as often as possible, try to reduce code complexity
  • Use different routing slots for spline self-loops instead of trying to calculate the best solution
  • Problems:
    • Spline self-loops:
      • Spline labels will not work with too many self-loops
    • Self-loops between the same ports are drawn in the same routing segment (this is no problem for SCCharts)
  • Splines, polyline and orthogonal works
  • Self-loop label are now counted to the size of the node
  • TODO for release.
    • Fix remaining tickets
    • Aks elk people
    • Ask Alex to test everything
    • Release planned this year

KiCo CLI (als)

    • KiCo is now available as a command-line tool, with kico and all languages from KIELER
    • One is able to
      • set the compilation system
      • set an output directory
      • set verbose
      • one is able to save all intermediary results
      • set properties
      • use pattern for input files
    • Tasks
      • Order intermediary results by number (such as the pragmatic)
      • After pragmatic de-eclipsification use this to generate pdfs, svgs, pngs
      • only show public systems
      • Suggestion: Flag for output language for listing systems
    • One executable for each OS and for Java 8
    • Only SCCharts only CLI compiler is also delivered
    • mek might be able to use this tool

Deferred & weak suspend (kolja)

  • Deferred was translated via deferred guard
    • Problem: Cannot be scheduled for some cases (if immediate transition back to state that was active before deferred transition was active)
  • Solution:
    • Split state that is reached by deferred in deferred state and original state where the deferred state has only delayed outgoing transitions
    • Do this only if it is otherwise not schedulable, since this transformation is expensive
    • Private variables are upped one level to be used in both states
  • Weak suspend should work now with the new deferred implementation
  • Problem with weak suspend
    • entry and exit action are executed every tick
  • Solution
    • Put entry and exit actions in own state before/after the state they refer to
  • Shallow deferred does not regard actions
    • It should do this somehow

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