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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: als
  • Protocol: lgr
  • Attendees:
    • als
    • lgr
    • nre
    • rvh
    • ssm
    • David
  • Start: 9:45
  • End:


News from Lingua Franka (als)

  • Meetings are going into the direction of talking about where to go in the Future
  • Sprotty with Visual Studio Code also sounds interesting for them 
  • Also Gitpod sounds very interesting so people can try Lingua Franka without downloading an entire IDE
  • He would like to share some knowledge regarding technical issures in the nearer future (nre?)
  • Still need to talk about a good time to do so

Dataflow Arrays (nre)

  • Kolja implemented a visualization for dataflow and arrays 
  • This is now also used in the C code extraction that Lewe build 
  • Lines going to array "bus" are sometimes bold and sometimes they are not
  • Visualization does not show total size of arrays
  • Example where Fibonacci is written in C Code

Google Maps Approach to Graphs (David)

  • Zooming now causes some elements to be shown and hidden
  • Font Labels should sometime be enlarged 
    • However, there is not always enough space, but maybe there is still enough space around them
  • Next should be the adjustment of the layout 
    • Instead should be the rendering issues and text that is too small should be omitted
    • Layout could be pretty complicated therefore first focus on other things
  • With multiple regions that have names, use region names
  • With one region that does not have a label, show internals more

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