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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: als
  • Protocol: als
  • Attendees:
    • als
    • lgr
    • nre
    • rvh
    • ssm
    • dlu
    • David
  • Start: 9:55
  • End: 10:10


Blech SCCharts (dlu)

  • SCCharts are first generated structurally from the (potentially) stateful structures in the Blech program
  • Example Stopwatch
  • Now, optimizations are implemented:
    • 1. Hierarchy is flattened
    • Hierarchy of activities and cobegin currently still remains
    • 2. Immediate transient states are removed
  • Still some minor bugs present (transition types, missing expressions)
  • State labels should also be considered since they might be affected by optimization
  • Planned improvements
    • Dead code, false transitions
    • State labels

Google Maps for Models (David)

  • Automatic hiding of elements based on zoom
  • Text is replaced by simple lines
    • The text color is not yet applied to the line
  • Region names are enlarged
  • Planned feature
    • Double click to fit selection to screen (rvh: low priority)
    • Fade effect when content is displayed
  • rvh: Threshholds and other parameters should be configurable for the user
  • nre: Added render options to disable google maps features to enable proper diagram export
  • Scaling labels and hiding/replacing text is semantic dependent and cannot always inferred
    • als: Klighd should provide a property to mark KTexts as node lables
  • Performance issues with Sprotty rendering
    • rvh; this should have high priority
  • No labels