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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: rvh
  • Protocol: nre
  • Attendees:
    • David
    • als
    • dlu
    • nre
    • rvh
    • ssm
  • Start: 9:54
  • End: 10:48


Google Maps for Models (David)

    • New Options in the options sidebar (client side) for rendering simplifications
      • Simplify small texts, smart zoom (show regions only when big enough), constant line widths
      • Good default values for these options need to be evaluated
    • Some performance improvements
    • Still to do: Elements outside of the viewport should not be generated as SVG
    • Goal of this: more performance especially on filtered, big models: time needed should be proportional to the number of actually shown elements
    • Want to pre-render the current viewport + for example 50% to each side , such that some panning around the current area will be effecively immediate.
      • This would have to be implemented deeper in Sprotty's code, as it currently just re-generates the SVG each step in zooming and panning, may be important for future work
    • Animations to morph from not showing to showing elements is also future work and not scope of this project anymore
    • Sprotty seems to pipeline all renderings for zooming and panning, causing the view to lag behind the actual inputs for big models
    • Region/state texts that replace contents should reevaluate offsets to fit the actual content
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