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Meeting Details

  • Moderator: nre
  • Protocol: nre
  • Attendees:
    • David
    • als
    • nre
    • rvh
  • Start: 9:48
  • End: 10:09


Google Maps for Models (David)

    • Way better performance in browsing larger models
    • labels for regions are now always shown readable, if some uniquely identifiable label is available
    • If a region has no label but a single contained state, it is name is taken as the shown label
    • Maybe it would be better to show the name of the outer state as the placeholder of inner region
    • As the time for the project nears its end, further changes should not be seen as too important, finishing the documentation has priority.
    • Pipelining for the Sprotty view needs to be done at some time maybe after the project, as that is more annoying for the user than most other things currently
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